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Did you know that Philippines is actually built up of 7000 islands in the form of an archipelago? Yes, go on reading and you will know just how fascinating and irresistible this beautiful country is. Don’t worry if you think you won’t be able to communicate with the people there because most locals speak excellent English!
Think of ways nature might exhibit its beauty; are mountains, scenic landscapes, waterfalls, lakes, beaches, flora and fauna, etc. coming in your head? Well, Philippines has it all. Renowned for the volcanic mountains, scenic rice paddies, tumbling waterfalls, serene lakes, beaches, unparalleled bio-diversity, and the most welcoming and warm people, putting it simply, this country is a paradise that you wouldn’t want to miss.
You will need a list of places to visit and on the list, put Manila, the capital at the top. Seemingly, this city is quite boisterous and busy but it actuallyhas many attractions. The sweeping seafront promenade of big hotels will lead you to Old Manila which includes the famous Intramuros which is actually an old walled city that serves as a landmark. Rizal Park is the next spot you would want to visit if you seek a quiet and relaxing heaven amidst this busy buzzing city. And of course, if shopping is your thing then you just cannot miss the diverse and inexpensive Chinatown.
Now here comes the real deal. If you come to Philippines and don’t visit the beaches, you seriously have missed something special. One of the major attractions of this amazing country are its plethora of beaches. A few popular names are Boracay, which has some of the best beaches in the world, Palawa, another island that has excellent beaches and is renowned for scuba diving, Cebu, also known as the “Queen of the South” has mesmerizing white sand beaches on Mactan Island.
If all this wasn’t enough already, a visit to Banaue Rice Terraces will most definitely lift your spirits. The 2000 year old carvings on the rocks of hilly mountain slopes will leave you wondering.
Still thinking if you should go there? Don’t think twice, just book one of the Great Nepal packages, pack your bags and embark to this amazing country for a lifetime of memories!


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