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30 day visa available on arrival–USD20 (tourist) USD25 (business)

You will need 1x passport sized photo and your passport must be valid for at least 6 months.

Egypt – 30 day visa (conditional)

Iran – 30 days

Kenya – 3 month visa

Laos – 30 days

Madagascar – 90 day visa


Maldives – 30 day visa

Palau – 30 days

Samoa – 30 days

Seychelles – 30 day visa

Sri Lanka – Rs10600 (multiple entry)

Tanzania – USD50 (multiple entry)

Uganda – 90 day visa

The following countries need visa application to be submitted and approved prior to travel. Here is an overview for your brief information:

It was amazing

As I got a chance to visit Thailand, Great Nepal became my tour partner along with Nefscun. It was amazing. Every day was a wonderful day.

Great Nepal Treks IS on Top of the World!!

This January (2015), GNT provided my wife, 8 yr. old boy, and I an "extra" ordinary journey

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