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Required documentation and information for visa Process:

Bhutan visa must applied for a minimum of 30 Day before travel. All visas must be approved by Bhutan Foreign Ministry, from where a clearance number will be issued. A visa application form must be mailed, along with four copies of original passport size photographs. The actual visa is stamped on arrival in Bhutan while visa is cleared in advance and a visa clearance number issued.

For all travellers, entering Bhutan by Druk Air, the visa clearance number is forwarded to concerned overseas Druk Air stations and without the Clearance Number; passengers are not allowed to board the flight. Visa Clearance Number is also required while issuing Druk Air tickets.

For all travellers, entering into the country by surface through Phuntsholing (the border town south of Bhutan), the visa is stamped on arrival and Clearance Number is forwarded to Foreign Ministry’s office for references and record.
Visa fee is US$ 20.00 per person for 14 Day visa, which can be further extended with additional fee of US$ 15.00. Visa fee is payable on arrival in cash.


Visa fee cost USD 30 of which USD 10 is supposed for Tourism Development program. Though all these terms and condition meets, entry into Bhutan from Assam, India, is Restricted. All travellers except Indian nationals need a valid passport to enter. There are two ways to enter Bhutan. Entering from each port, i.e., either directly by air (only Druk Flight) to Paro, or overland through Phuntsholing (boarder town to India), with all necessary documents for transiting are required.

Required documentation and information for visa Process:

  • Full Name (as in Passport)
    Permanent Address
    Passport Number
    Date of issue and expiration of Passport
    Date and Place of Birth

Please check once more, nothing is mistaken. Otherwise you will have a problem while in airport or in Phuntsholing obtaining a visa.

As the visa clearance system finished and the visa confirmation number to Druk Air in Kathmandu will be sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs then Druk air is supposed to issue tickets. Until Druk air receives the confirmation number of the clients it doesn’t issue the tickets. The original or actual visa will be stamped at the Paro airport while you arrive there. Therefore every traveler neededs to check and confirm they have not mistaken the information.

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